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"Since our launch in 2007, Uptown Liz has been a phenomenal partner in getting Soulstice Spa bodycare and cosmetics out into the public eye. Thanks to Ramona, the line has turned up on television news programs, national magazines, popular blog sites, and celebrities' hands (and toes!). As a company who emphasizes giving back, we are proud to be featured on the unique and meaningful platform that Uptown Liz provides for caring consumers." - Kayse Gehret, Founder, Soulstice Spa, Inc.


"I was delighted that Uptown Liz featured Neero & Ana's botanical satin pillowcases in their July newsletter. From the first published day, we immediately saw a spike in traffic and an increase in our sales. I would encourage all Uptown Liz retailers to secure their spot on the front page as well. What a great vehicle for getting the word out about your products and partnerships. We are proud to be a part of the Uptown Liz family which is committed to giving back to causes that help enrich the lives of those in need." - Doreen Motton, Founder, Neero & Ana, Inc.


"We LOVE being associated with Uptown Liz. We donate back to breast cancer and we know through the Uptown Liz Web site, the charity we support has had more exposure. We have also had great exposure for our brand and working with someone like Ramona is inspiring." - Jimeale Jorgensen, Founder, Jimeale


"You can seriously find anything on Uptown Liz...Next time you feel the urge of having another shopping spree, go straight over to Uptown Liz and go crazy!" - like Wise


"Uptown Liz is a very addictive Web site with a ton of rare products that you won't find in department stores or through a regular internet search. My first purchase was a set of Jimeale toiletry bags that I bought as a gift for my stepmom. Since being introduced to Jimeale, I (and many of my family members) have gone back multiple times for more toiletry bags, duffel bags and other goodies. I'm also a huge fan of the Soulstice Spa non-toxic line and the Teleflora breast cancer arrangement that I purchase at least once a year. So far, my addictions have led to over $200 being donated to charities all over the world. It's so easy to make a difference." - Whitney Roberts


"What a great way to shop and still give back to causes that are close to your own heart!" - Kristen D., True Life


"I ask each of you to please visit Ramona's site and please help spread the word to help in her efforts. Ramona and her sister Liz are an inspiration to us all. - Couture Avenue


"Uptown Liz is brilliant! No wonder it's such a success. I've told so many people about it." - Susan Benjaminsen, Owner & President, Freudian Slips, LLC

"We HEART Uptown Liz! It is such a great way to connect and partner up with wonderful charities to give back to the community in need. Uptown Liz has connected us with wonderful customers who buy products to support the charity we have chosen - Gal to Gal Foundation. The best part is that we are always touched and inspired by our customers when they share their stories about their loved ones who are battling cancer or who have passed on. Uptown Liz, you are our hero, mentor and inspiration and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!" - Emily Tani, Operations Manager, Luxe Link


"Love what you have done in honor of your sister. We appreciate that you give consumers an opportunity to shop and support a good cause at the same time. Many thanks for your support of Chantal and our mission." - Betty Otter-Nickerson, COO, Lance Armstrong Foundation


"My favorite new site is Uptown Liz...It's quite possibly the best cure to buyer's remorse and/or splurging guilt." - Dawn Spinner, Lucky Magazine


"Even non-shoppers will have a hard time resisting this Web site." - changethemold.com


"Uptown Liz takes the guesswork out of giving back. With over forty causes, hundreds of products, and a list of participants growing daily, you can rest assured that each and every time your purchase on Uptown Liz, you are helping to raise money, awareness and support for others in need." - Rachel & Sarah Campbell, TwinSoup


"I love the fact that not even death will separate these two sisters from creating their business...The cause behind Uptown Liz will no doubt take the company to places that neither one of these ladies could have imagined...The best part of shopping at Uptown Liz is knowing that your money is going to support many people in need. " - Stephanie Quilao,
Back in Skinny Jeans


"Liz keeps on living through their website and every Fashionista's heart who wants to find a cure to these terminal diseases. Great idea, excellent items, and all for a great cause! What more could you ask for?" - FashAddix


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